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2. No victimisation of Students or Lecturers involved in the occupation or any protests against the cuts.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

LSE in Occupation: ’68 and ‘10 Tariq Ali and Jon Rose to Speak to the Occupying Students at the LSE

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After a LSE Students’ Union Emergency General Union Meeting on Thursday attended by over 400 students, staff and students at the London School of Economics (LSE) have gone into occupation against the proposed rise in fees and cuts.

Ashok Kumar, LSE Students’ Union Education Officers, said “The support of the Students’ Union is rarely sought or given at the occupations we’ve seen around the country, but in past occupations, such as those in the 1960s, the LSE Students’ Union had fully backed the occupations.”

The 1968 occupations at LSE became the birthplace of the movement of resistance in universities at the time.
At the forefront of these movement were Jon Rose and Tariq Ali. Tonight, Rose and Ali will be returning to the very building they occupied to speak to the students and staff on “Student Revolt: Then and Now”.

Lois Clifton, an occupier at LSE, said, “It is inspiring that we’ll be having the speakers who led much of the movement at LSE and across the country in the 1960s.”

The primary demand of the occupiers in that the Howard Davies, the director of the LSE, write a joint letter with the University and College Union (UCU) and the Students’ Union condemning the cuts, fees, and the attack on the Education Maintenance Allowance.

The talk will be at the occupation in the Old Building at 6:00pm. For updates on the occupation, please check:

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