1. Joint open statement by the LSE Students' Union, University and College Union (UCU), and Howard Davies (Director of the LSE) against the cuts, fees, and the attack on the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

2. No victimisation of Students or Lecturers involved in the occupation or any protests against the cuts.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

Some randomly collected solidarity messages

Dear All at LSE,

I would like to convey support for your campaign against HE funding cuts and increased tuition fees on behalf of the Loughborough UCU branch. We share many of your concerns and hope that the University engages with you to support the cause.

Loughborough UCU

Solidarity and love from SOAS students and occupiers!
Good luck and keep us posted!

Dear Occupiers,

We are sending this message of support and solidarity for your continuing occupations and all other activities you are undertaking. The government cuts agenda will disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in society and is going to have a devastating impact on communities across the country. By your actions you are making a difference in highlighting and opposing the damage the proposals will do. Your actions are also an important part of the nationwide mass movement of resistance and promoting of alternative solutions to the economic crisis.

York Stop the Cuts – Right to Work Campaign

Well done LSE students! I am fully in support of your important activism. Something must be done to stop the destruction of public education in England.

John Chalcraft
Reader, Dept of Govt, LSE

Dear LSE Occupiers,

I am an organizer at the City University of New York and myself former
student in anthropology. You are real inspiration to us and our own
fight against cuts to public higher education. Thank you for being a
beacon in the night.

Congratulations on the occupation. Hang on in there. There is a growing momentum that could roll this back.

With you in spirit. Not in body which is currently in Abu Dhabi Airport.

Jonathan Rosenhead
(Emeritus Professor, Management Science Group)

Well done, support and solidarity.

Naomi Bain, Branch Chair, Birkbeck UNISON (technically I'm sending this in a personal capacity, but our branch committee voted to send messages of support to UCL and SOAS, so I think it's safe to say we all support you!)

Best wishes and congratulations.

Joel Anderson

Branch Secretary, CSSD University of London UCU Branch (pc)

Support from greek students:

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