1. Joint open statement by the LSE Students' Union, University and College Union (UCU), and Howard Davies (Director of the LSE) against the cuts, fees, and the attack on the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).

2. No victimisation of Students or Lecturers involved in the occupation or any protests against the cuts.

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Friday, 3 December 2010

LSE Students’ Union Backs Occupation in Record-Breaking Turnout

In a record-breaking turnout of 464 in favour and 291 against, the results of the vote for LSE Students’ Union results were announced at 5pm today. The Motion mandated the following to the LSE SU:

1. To demand that the LSE makes a public statement against the cut in the teaching grant and changes in the funding system.

2. To support democratically decided actions against the changes to higher education funding, fees and EMA.

3. To commit itself to using the full range of tactics available, including non violent direct action and occupation of our university property, to campaign for these demands.

This comes one day after an Emergency Union General Meeting where over 400 students debated the motion and Over 150 Students wend into occupation at the LSE. Students at the LSE are continuing to occupy the Vera Anstey Suite in the Old Building – purposefully not disrupting any students, teaching or learning within the School. Students are demanding that Howard Davies write a joint open letter with the LSE Students Union and the Universities and Colleges Union (UCU).

Ashok Kumar, LSE Students’ Union Education Officer, “This is the largest turnout for a vote on any motion in living memory. This was inconceivable only a few weeks ago, but now anything seems possible. This vote indicates the commitment by students on this campus to put our full backing and resources behind this occupation.”

Charlotte Gerada, LSE Students’ Union said “This represents a mandate. The kind of mandate that tells the university that students are serious about their demands, and that it isn’t just a small group of radicals dictating the responsibility the university owes to students and staff – to stand up with the students and lecturers unions against the governments proposed cuts and fee hikes.”

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